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About Us
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       Our company is a state-owned enterprise, affiliated to Nanjing Housing Security and Housing Administration Bureau. We  hold the First-class qualification as General Contractor of Housing & Construction Project, along with First-class Professional Contractor of Mechanical and Electrical Installation Project, Second-class Professional Contractor of Architectural Decoration Project and Second-class Professional Contractor of Fire Control Facility Construction. We have passed ISO9001-2015 International Quality System and GB/T50430-2007/ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification. We have been awarded the title of Honoring Contracts and Keeping Promises Enterprise and Credit Rating (AAA) Enterprise , and we also have been rated as Nanjing Civilized Unit and Provincial and municipal Excellent Construction Enterprise.

       For more than 20 years, we design, construct, examine and serve in air-conditioner purification projects. We have considerable influence in the field.  Under the guidance and cooperation with many domestic design institutes, we have provided outstanding service and won good reputations in the fields like electronics, aerospace and aviation, precise instruments, medical service, chemical industry, biological products, national defense, food, and cosmetics.  We have done exceptionally well and made great contributions in purification projects of biological and pharmaceutical area.  

       Our major biological and pharmaceutical projects over the years include: Harbin Weike Biotechnology CO.LTD.,Liaoning YIKANG Biological Corporation limited,National Animal Quarantine Institute, Ministry of Agriculture(China Animal Health And Epidemiology Center), YEBIO Bioengineering Co.,LTD. of Qingdao, Beijing Veterinary Biological Products Factory, Guangdong Winshun Bio-pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Yangzhou UNI-BIO Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD.,  Ringpu (Baoding) Biological Biopharmaceutical Co.,LTD., Jilin Zhengye Biological Products Company,Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Bio-vaccine Co.,LTD.,Harbin Pharm Group Sangjing Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD.,QYH Biological CO.,LTD., Sinovet(Jiangsu) Biopharmaceutical Co.,LTD., SINOPHARM Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co.,Ltd., VAC Bioengineering Co.,LTD., Hunan SINOLAND Biological Engineering Co.,LTD., Zhejiang MEBOLO Biotechnology Co.,LTD.,  Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Tech.Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Ringpu Biotechnonlogy Co.,Ltd.,Ningbo Zhengli’antuo Biotechnology Co.,LTD., Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group and other major biological pharmaceutical purification projects. It mainly involves water injection, powder injection, oral liquid, freeze-drying, large infusion, tablet, live vaccine, inactivated vaccine pharmaceutical factory, quality inspection room, strong toxic animal room, SPF animal room, laboratory animal room and P2, P3 laboratory and other purification projects.

       Presently, our biggest advantage is that we have a integrated system of designing, manufacturing, installing, examining and serving, with professional and systemic services. Our company sees the project quality as the life of the corporation. We will provide excellent services for the all domestic and overseas construction projects of purification plant with outstanding products and services, reasonable price, and brand-new attitude. We are striving to create our own brand in the purification field.